Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something kinda fun . . .

Okay so I was tagged - somebody apparently wanted to know a bunch of useless facts about me so here goes:

8 Shows I Love to Watch:

This is a hard one since I don't really watch tv so here are 8 that I have loved to watch in my lifetime :)

1. EVERWOOD - the best touchy feely family drama I have ever seen - I was sooooo sad to see it end - luckily I found all four seasons on DVD so I have every wonderful episode available to watch over and over

2. Grey's Anatomy - I started watching at towards the end of Season 2 - decided to start from the beginning and catch up on how it all started - seasons 1 and 2 were excellent, 3 and 4 were good and I have had trouble getting into season 5 so I'm not sure how long this will stay on the favorites list

3. The news - any channel - mostly local although I do read for world news

4. Jeopardy - I like to think I'm smarter than the contestants :P

5. October Road - I thought this would be the new Everwood - it wasn't but it was still pretty good - unfortunately it didn't survive to see a second season

6. Beverly Hills 90210 - not the new one - but the old one was my favorite all through my school years - NEVER missed an episode

7. Eli Stone - just started watching this with Joe - first four episodes were really good so this could be a new favorite - same writer as Everwood so that definetly says something

8. America's Funniest Videos - some of my favorite Sunday memories are watching this show with my nieces and Grandpa - Megan would be rolling on the floor laughing and Abby would keep running in the room and would just start laughing because everyone else was even though she had no idea what was going on - super cute :)

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. PF Changs was my ultimate favorite until they stopped serving the chocolate raspberry torte - still up there though

2. Souplantation - LOVE the blueberry muffins - I seriously go just for them. Abby seems to be taking after me in that aspect :)

3. Lazy Dog Cafe - fun place with the best Cobb salad and tons of pictures of cute doggies on the wall

4. CPK - my lunchtime fallback - LOVE the cobb and chopped salads and the Hawaiian pizza on honeywheat crust

5. Guilianos - my favorite sub place

6. Big Mike's - best philly cheesesteaks

7. The Habit - best burger

8. Coffee Bean - wait, does Coffee Bean count as a restaurant?? Definetly one of my favorite places :)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

1. I came back to work after being out two days and had about 200 emails to catch up on :(

2. Found out my clearing stuff didn't get posted for month end - not good :S

3. Went to Olive Garden for lunch with my gorgeous boyfriend :)

4. Caught up my unapplied cash at work - one of my favorite job duties

5. Went to the TCF potluck with Crystal, Dan, Caydan and Joe to remember our beautiful angel Avery <3

6. Went home to make Josh a lunch

7. Hung out with Joe and Aaron :)

8. Went to bed waaaaayyyyy too late - really feeling it today :(

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. My favorite time of year - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's although all will be a little sad this year without my Grandpa :(

2. Going to Mexico with Joe for Christmas and New Years :)

3. Two photoshoots I have planned for November and hopefully booking a few more :)

4. Getting to know my Uncle, Aunt and cousins

5. Seeing Megan and Abby open their presents :)

6. Learning to snowboard :)

7. Actually being off during shutdown for once

8. Seeing whats in store for Joe and I <3

8 Things On My Wishlist:

1. That my Grandpa is happy in Heaven and watching over me :)

2. A happy, healthy holiday season with lots of good cheer

3. For Joe and Aaron's movie to be a huge success, for their hard work to pay off and their dreams to come true

4. For my nieces to grow up to be strong, intelligent, independent women

5. For a happy marriage and healthy family

6. To be financially worry free someday

7. For the economy to stabilize and for everyone that is willing and able to work to have a stable job so that they can support their families

8. To always remain thankful for the beautiful gifts in my life :)

Okay I am tagging: Crystal (Avery James Photography), Jen (Haute Whimsy) and Anna (Ohana Images) - spill it guys!!

And just because every post in a photoblog should have a picture - my favorite of Joe and I :)


Jennifer Harbourn said...

I did it! Thanks for the fun distraction!!!

Joe S said...

You are so kind and beautiful. Thank you for being so amazing!

.:Ohana:. said...

Thanks KristeeeennN!! :P
Cute pic of u & Joe btw :D