Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shiny and new . . .

This little beauty was just three days old when I went with my bestie to the hospital to meet her and snap a few shots of her. The light in the hospital room was perfect and she slept soundly for us until we tried to get her naked :P Here is a few of my favorites . . .

Awesome newborn hats by Chugamugs Baby Wear

Graces . . .

263 : 365

1. Surviving a horrible Monday at work
2. Ordered some cute new sandals :)
3. Wedding referrals from my awesome past brides and grooms
4. No laundry in my laundry basket - I hate having laundry to do
5. A date with one of my favorite sitting charges coming up!

264 : 365

1. Finding some favorite candies from my childhood at the grocery store
2. It started raining this morning right after I walked in the building to work and it was done by the time I went to lunch :) I hate rain unless I can be cozy at home
3. New slip on Vans - I can barely reach the laces on my tie shoes :(
4. According to Babycenter my baby can now open his eyes :)
5. Joe talking to my belly <3 I know he's going to be the best daddy ever <3

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gorgeous siblings . . .

Here's another few pics from my minis of a beautiful little girl and her adorable brother . . .

Graces . . .

261 : 365

1. A relaxing Easter with my family
2. Watching Megan and Abby hunt for eggs with the three little guys from across the street
3. Mani/pedis with Katie and Megan after brunch
4. Cherry pie - yumm
5. Just submitted my go-live request for my new site! Should be up tomorrow :)

262 : 365

1. Getting presents from the Easter bunny at almost 28 years old :P
2. Personalized wrapping paper - Megan and Abby's presents were wrapped in their names :)
3. Working in the kitchen with my baby <3
4. Cute new dress and sandals for our babymoon :)
5. Had McDonald's breakfast this morning to celebrate the end of Lent

Friday, April 2, 2010

A few more!

Cuties from my minis that is :) I just finished up this set and am on to day one at Delthorne - thanks everyone for your patience!

Graces . . .

259 : 365

1. The return of Friday night dinners with the family :)
2. A nice visit with William's nana today
3. Coloring Easter eggs with Meggie
4. Watching the same Veggie Tales over and over again with Abby
5. Listening to Abby sing the Veggie Tales theme :P

260 : 365

1. Date night with my baby tomorrow <3
2. The launch of baby's new blog :) A place to document the going-ons of my little family <3
3. Shoe shopping with mom and the girls
4. Abby and her new Elmo Skechers
5. Sweet Factory - love that place - brought me back to my high school days today :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More cuties . . .

I just finished editing a few mini sessions - here are two more cuties from the day :)

Graces . . .

257 : 365

1. 25 weeks pregnant yesterday - can't wait to meet my little guy - I hope he looks just like his handsome daddy <3
2. Finally took a belly pic - I've been putting it off but I definetly want to document his growth :)
3. Two more days until Lent is over!!
4. Celebrating Easter with my family on Sunday :)
5. Crepes for Easter brunch - yummmm!

258 : 365

1. Creamy bokeh from the 50 1.2
2. A new action that I love, love, love!!
3. My site and blog are almost done :)
4. Shooting a six month old on Saturday - one of my favorite ages - they can sit but not run away :P
5. Buying a bathing suit tomorrow for our babymoon - two weeks!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring minis day two sneaks!

Thank you to everyone that came out to both days of minis - I had 24 shoots altogether and about half were new clients. I love my regulars and I love meeting new clients so I had a blast! Here are some of my faves from day two:

Graces . . .

255 : 365

1. My updated logo and new site :)
2. Sold a gift certificate today :)
3. Starbucks runs with my baby <3
4. My new super fast card reader
5. Getting off early

256 : 365

1. Finding my "discontinued" shampoo at the store
2. Started a new blog for baby so I can document the rest of the pregnancy and his life :)
3. Abby having a tea party with Shadow
4. Almond Roca
5. Booked my 30 week 4D ultrasound!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drowning . . .

I'm drowning over here in spring mini pics - 20 sessions worth! I just started editing day one and am loving the images so far. Here is a sneak peek at two of my favorite kiddos - I have shot these guys a few times and will see them again in a few months :)

Graces . . .

253 : 365

1. My new blog!! Hopefully it will be live this weekend - don't have much time to work on it until then :)
2. Slip-on shoes - it's getting hard to bend over to tie my shoes :P
3. When someone thinks your idea is so cool they want to do it too - they say copying is the best form of flattery :D
4. Jersey Mike's - yummmy - found a new lunch spot today :)
5. Wrapping presents - I LOVE wrapping - and shopping of course!

254 : 365

1. Nearly booked until baby comes and two shoots for after!
2. Baby's new shades :P
3. Three weeks till our babymoon!!
4. Carter's coupons
5. Great customer service - it's hard to find these days!